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Travel to Niger

Niger is a nation of stories. Much of its history is drawn from the independent histories of its many different ethnic groups. Together, they have come to live in a single state that is the largest nation in western Africa.

Much of the country is rural, filled with desert plains and sand dunes, though the southeast has a stunning rolling savannah to explore.

The climate and heat of Niger can make it be a challenging destination for some, but there are some amazing opportunities to be found. The town of Ayorou is just one example. It is a riverside community with a colorful Sunday market that cannot be missed. From Ayorou, you can also schedule a pirougue tour to see hippos.

A visit to W National Park should also be on the agenda. It is a trans-border park, shared with Benin and Burkina Faso, where you can find elephants taking a bath and numerous other forms of local wildlife. Baboons, cheetahs, buffalo, and warthogs are commonly seen in the park. More than 350 different species of birds have been documented as well.

The last herd of giraffes in West Africa can only be seen via Koure. Local transport must be arranged for the driving safari and there may be a lengthy hike involved, but seeing the giraffes in the wild is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Niger offers a beauty and charm all its own. You will find an amazing adventure waiting for you here, which makes it a worthy holiday destination at any time of the year.

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Niamey, capital of Niger

Niamey Travel Wiki Travel to Niamey Niamey serves as the capital of Niger and is the primary industrial center for the country. It is located within one of the few growing regions of the country while producing ceramics, cement, bricks, and woven goods. One of the best attractions the city offers is the Niger National Museum. Within the complex is an architectural museum, a complete zoo, international cultural centers, markets, and exhibits that include dinosaur skeletons. Founded in 1959, one of the...

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Biggest City Niger

Facts about Niger, Biggest city What are the names of the largest cities in Niger, and how big are the cities by population. Easy overview of the informations in the sortable table below. Please note that the informations comes from various sources,if you are using the informations professional you should get confirmation that the figures are actual. Last update august 2017

Geography and facts, Niger

Niger, geography and facts explained Geography, facts, local customs and foodie guide. All explained in videos 8 to 15 minutes, very good, informative and funny videos that will ensure you see the videos to the end. The videos are produced by Geography now, thanks for the videos and keep up the good work.

News from Niger

News from Niger - Stay updated ! Watch and listen to news resources from Niger. There are several ways, radio, tv, written and social media, to stay updated on what is happening right now in the country, find some selected news sources in the menu below. If you have found a news source you think is missing, you can read or write comments and ask questions in the disqus field below. Other recommended news:

Niger Holidays

Niger Public Holidays See the calendars for national Niger holidays year by year. Find and just click on the year you for which you need more information about Niger holidays, and the calendar for the year will open. When is the non working days for the year. Public / national days, see the calendar for the country here.

Travel forum Niger

Niger travel forum Discuss Niger travel with other travellers. Looking for advice, answers and information from Travel Forum guides ? Post your travel questions. You can read and write questions and answers, and you can recommend travel advice and things to do and see in the disqus forum field below.

Official holidays

When are holidays and no working days in the country ?

January 1New Year's Day
April 24Concord Day
May 1Labour Day
August 3Nigerien Independence Day
December 18Nigerien Republic Day
December 25Christmas Day
VariableEid al Adha
VariableEaster Monday
VariableThe Prophet's Birthday
VariableLaylat al-Qadr
VariableEid al Fitr

Which are the largest cities ?

Listing of the most important and largest cities in the country