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Travel to Martinique

Martinique is part of the Lesser Antilles and serves as an overseas region of France. It is located just north of Saint Lucia and south of Dominica. The island is dominated by Mount Pelee, though the last major eruption occurred in 1902. You’ll find beautiful beaches along the southern edge of the island, while along the north, there are rainforests to explore and black-sand beaches to enjoy. Although you’ll be tempted to enjoy the resort atmosphere during your stay on Martinique, there are some unique destinations to find while on the island. Macouba is just one example. It is a former tobacco town where the views of the island and surrounding seas are simply magnificent. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Dominica from there.

Or try Balata, which is a small little town with a miniature Sacre Coeur. It was built as a memorial to honor those who gave their lives during the first global war. Tour the local gardens where you can walk along a narrow bridge at canopy level for a unique experience. For those who love to surf, a visit to Martinique must include the fisherman’s village of Tartane. The most consistent waves around the island can be found there.

Whether you enjoy a quiet hike through a wooded area or just some time to bake in the sun, Martinique is a wonderful destination that offers easy accessibility. The possibilities are numerous, the sunshine is beautiful, and there is a cold cocktail waiting for you to enjoy. Plan your holiday stay today.

Best of Martinique

Martinique, one of the Caribbean’s Windward Islands, is a tropical paradise. From the forests of the north, which are filled with such exotic trees as mahogany and rosewood, to the beautiful beaches of the south, which draw most of the half-million visitors that flock to the island each year. The nation is filled with a mixture of French and Creole culture, extending from the currency, which is the Euro, down to the cuisine, one of the Caribbean’s most flavorful.

Stay in Fort-de-France, Martinique’s capital, for a look at one of the Caribbean’s premier cities. Basse-Pointe, a small northern town, attracts visitors with its pristine coastline and warm ocean waters. Le Lamentin, the second-largest city on the island, is a great place to sample local cuisine, with plenty of charming restaurants and cafes. Le Robert draws throngs of tourists each year with its combination of cultural events and friendly residents.

Martinique is the meeting place of many different cultures, and the resulting melting pot is a rich blend of French, African, and native music, food, and art. The island is home to several musical genres, ranging from the popular rhythmic Zouk to folk varieties such as biguine, which utilizes audience participation amid instruments like plastic plumbing, and drums.

Martinique’s culinary scene is just as colorful and varied as the music, with influences from mainland France neighbored by traditional Creole cuisine. Seafood caught fresh in the Caribbean is a mainstay supplemented by local produce. Martinique has a volcanic past, which means the island has plenty of fertile soil for the production of delicious fruits and vegetables. It also helps the island’s rum production, which is regarded as perhaps the best in the Caribbean. Local sugarcane feeds distilleries like the Habitation Clement, which welcomes guests to explore the grounds. The distillery has a 125-year old history on proud display, joined by a modern art center and, of course, tasting rooms.

Martinique’s proud cultural displays explode forth during ecstatic festivals such as Carnival. The four day celebration features parades, traditional songs and dances, and even a custom of men dressing in drag. Carnival is supplemented by a number of other festivals, such as the Jazz a la Martinique, which features some of the Caribbean’s best jazz artists, all with local flair and flavor.

The island is a top tourist destination for more than its culture, of course. Stunning natural environments framed by the Caribbean Ocean offer the adventurous plenty of opportunities for hiking and exploring. Mount Pelee, one of the world’s most famous volcanoes, towers over the island, foothills covered in verdant forests. Protected as a Biological Reserve, the peak and surrounding areas are a wonderful way to get acquainted with the varied flora and fauna of the island. The summit hike, only for the experienced hiker, is also extremely rewarding.

As far as beaches go, Martinique has some of the top destinations in the world. Sainte Anne beach draws scores of tourists with its palm-lined waterfront. Crystal-clear turquoise waters sparkle in the sunlight as smiling tourists and locals enjoy the sunshine. Water sports are excellent in Martinique, with sports ranging from billfishing to diving to kayaking all easily accessible.

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Fort-de-France, capital of Martinique

Fort-de-France Travel Wiki Travel to Fort-de-France Established on the island of Martinique, Fort-de-France is one of the major cities found in the Caribbean. It is a culture that is filled with cacao, sugar, and a fair share of rum. Established as a fort in 1638, it wouldn’t be until 1918 when commercial growth would really begin to expand the settlement to turn this city into the juggernaut it Is today. There are four forts available to tour when visiting the city. The...

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Martinique Holidays

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January 1New Year's DayJour de l'An
VariableEaster MondayLundi de Pâques
May 1International Workers' DayFête du Travail
May 8Victory DayFête de la Victoire 1945
VariableAscension DayAscension
VariableWhit MondayLundi de Pentecôte
May 27Abolition DayAbolition de l'Esclavage
July 14National DayFête Nationale
July 21Schoelcher DayFête Victor Schœlcher
August 15Assumption DayAssomption
November 1All Saints' DayToussaint
November 11Armistice DayArmistice
December 25Christmas DayNoël