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Travel to USA

The United States has one of the most diverse topographies in the world. You can explore the historical colonies along the East Coast, enjoy desert landscapes and their massive monoliths in the West, or relax amongst endless fields of corn or wheat in the Midwest. No matter what your personal preference may be, there is a location in the USA that will accommodate your needs.

You’ll find a melting pot of cultures hidden in pockets throughout the United States as well. In the Upper Midwest, you’ll find charming small towns that celebrate Norwegian, Dutch, and Swiss roots. In the South, you’ll find French flavors sprinkled amongst areas of soul food delight. And in the Pacific Northwest, there is a fusion of Asian cultures that creates a very unique and welcoming atmosphere that will call you back time and time again.

There are plenty of activities for the adventurous soul in the USA as well. You can climb the Rocky Mountains, take a steamboat ride down the Mississippi River, or paraglide around some of the best beaches in the world along the Gulf Coast. There are communities like Taos, NM that are artist colonies and cities like NYC or LA that let you thrive on an urban vibe. And let’s not forget about Las Vegas, with all of its entertainment opportunities.

The United States offers 50 unique opportunities to explore, and even more if you include territories like Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or Guam. It is an experience that should not be missed.

Best of the United States

The United States offers visitors a chance to explore a variety of cultures and natural wonders. From America’s Little Switzerland in Wisconsin to the Victorian masterpieces found along the shores of Washington State, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the USA.

Here are some of the best destination options to consider.

#1. Yellowstone National Park

America’s oldest national park is still one of its best. Located in 3 states, the hot springs, geysers, and wildlife come together for a magnificent attraction. The park borders Grand Teton National Park, allowing you to see even more wonders on the same trip. You can camp, hike, and cycle through the park. Driving tours are available as well.

#2. New York City

Often called the cultural capital of the USA, you’ll find plenty of things to do with a visit to this city. You could visit Broadway or Times Square. Get some views of the Statue of Liberty on its own island. Huddle in the smoky dark of a jazz club. There are world-class museums, plenty of retail therapy to enjoy, and incredible cuisine to explore.

#3. The Grand Canyon

One of the world’s greatest wonders, this natural landmark literally overwhelms the senses. Layers of red rock show off millions of years of history. Numerous viewpoints are available throughout the park. You can also take a trail down to the bottom, go rafting on the Colorado River, and find much more to do, since the canyon is nearly 500km in length. The South Rim is open year-round.

#4. Las Vegas

A trip to the USA is not complete without a stop in the self-proclaimed “Sin City.” Each hotel and casino offer something unique to experience. You can even enjoy an indoor gondola ride in the city if you wish. At night, make your way down to Fremont Street to enjoy the overhead light show, which stretches more than 2 city blocks in length.

#5. Acadia National Park

The roaring shores of the Atlantic Ocean put on a wonderous display at this beautifully rustic national park in Maine. The Park Loop Road is one of the best cycling routes in the country. You have access to camping, mountaineering, and other outdoor activities amidst the park’s granite peaks and rocky beaches. In total, there are 7 peaks to explore, offering views of the region to enjoy.

#6. Miami Beach

Lined with palm trees, the South Beach is the most famous destination for this island community that overlooks the city of Miami. Not only are the sands warm and the beverages cool, you’ll find a thriving nightlife to enjoy here as well. Over the years, it has earned the nickname of the “American Riviera.”

#7. Santa Catalina Island

Located about 35km southwest of Los Angeles, you’ll find at least 50 different species that have no other home in the world today. Visit Avalon to enjoy the city’s beaches, go diving in the waters off the shore, or go parasailing to see the flying fish leap beneath you.

The best of the USA will take you through cities large and small. You will see natural wonders and cultural masterpieces. It really is a country where you are in charge of choosing your own adventure.

City Guides

Click on a city for more information about the city, maps, tourist information, tours and what to see and do in the city.

Albany, New York

Albany, New York Travel Wiki Travel to Albany, New York Sitting on the banks of the Hudson river, not far from that other booming metropolis, Albany is the quiet achiever and impressive capital of New York State. Albany’s beauty lies in its understated yet bustling and entirely modern centre, anchored by the lively cultural hub that is Lark Street. Visitors here looking for a short, relaxing break from big city life won’t be disappointed – Albany’s population is just 100,000 and...

Albany, Oregon

Albany, Oregon Travel Wiki Travel to Albany, Oregon Albany is situated in the Willamette Valley, just east of Corvallis and is the 11th largest city in Oregon, U.S.A. What strikes you at once about this city is that the old-feel charm of the place has been preserved – all the old homes and vendors’ premises are the same as they were in the 1800s. Although Albany is a large enough city to house a population of 50,000, it is also mainly...


Albuquerque Travel Wiki Travel to Albuquerque If you’ve always loved the culture of the American Southwest and wanted to explore it thoroughly, then there’s no better place for a holiday than Albuquerque. This beautiful city experiences more than 300 days of sunshine every year, making it a picture-perfect place to get outdoors to go exploring. Albuquerque is located in the high desert, so you’ll find pinon and sage are constantly in the air. Spend a day shopping for native jewelry which features...


Allentown Travel Wiki Travel to Allentown Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Allentown Allentown is home to great shopping, popular museums, and one of Pennsylvania’s top amusement parks. From its historic charge of hiding the Liberty Bell during the American Revolution to its current place as the fastest growing city in the state, Allentown has played a prominent role in Pennsylvania’s culture. Bordered by the Appalachian Mountains, the city...


Anaheim Travel Wiki Travel to Anaheim Anaheim serves as the gateway to Los Angeles. It is also the place you’ll want to stay if you plan on visiting the Disney theme parks while visiting the United States. With various tour packages available, you can choose to stay within the theme park or a short ride from it and have a beautiful holiday that involves some of the best activities California can offer. Sports are part of the fabric of life in Anaheim. In...


Anchorage Travel Wiki Travel to Anchorage A visit to Anchorage is like taking a chance to explore the final frontiers of our planet, but in a comfortable setting with access to modern amenities. Located in Alaska, more than 40% of the state’s population resides in this city. You will have access to numerous outdoor adventures or you can enjoy what the city can offer. The wildlife in Alaska often comes to you. A visit to Anchorage can bring you face-to-face with a...


Annapolis Travel Wiki Travel to Annapolis Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Annapolis In Annapolis, Maryland, the ocean has always timed the heartbeat of the city. The waters of Chesapeake Bay has shaped the climate, culture, and economy of the city, and you’ll find that during your vacation to Annapolis, you’ll gentle fall into the rhythm set in place by the tides. Proudly patriotic and yet at the same...


Arlington Travel Wiki Travel to Arlington Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Arlington Located in Virginia’s northeast corner, Arlington is situated just across the Potomac from Washington, D.C., putting it within striking distance of the nation’s top museums, galleries, and more. Arlington houses some of the United States’ most important buildings, including the Pentagon, the DEA headquarters, and more. This lends the cityscape a commanding architecture, full of stunning...


Atlanta Travel Wiki Travel to Atlanta You’d think that New York City or Los Angeles would be home to the busiest airport in the United States, but that honor lies with Atlanta. Give yourself some extra time and you’ll be able to adjust to the bustle of this fantastic city. Home to the 1996 Olympic Games, the city has turned the former site into a wonderful park. There’s a splash pad for everyone to enjoy during the hot summer months in the...

Atlantic City

Atlantic City Travel Wiki Travel to Atlantic City Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Atlantic City With its sunny beaches and vibrant nightlife, Atlantic City, New Jersey is the ideal destination for a relaxing and fun getaway. From family fun to romantic retreats, this city has something for everyone. Come cool off in the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, then take a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk or...


Austin Travel Wiki Travel to Austin Keep Austin Weird. It’s more than just a slogan in this beautiful city that’s in the heart of Texas. It is an emphasis on maintaining a unique personality. To stay true to yourself. And that makes it a wonderful place to take a holiday. Austin is filled with great venues that provide live music on a nightly basis. You’ll find authentic barbecue, Tex/Mex, and several vegan restaurant options all within 5 minutes of the downtown corridor. Find...


Baltimore Travel Wiki Travel to Baltimore Founded in 1729, Baltimore is the largest independent city in the United States. It’s also one of the largest seaports in its region and is an industrial and manufacturing center. With 100+ identified districts in the city, it is often called the “City of Neighborhoods.” What makes Baltimore unique is its focus on history. Also known as Monument City, Baltimore is a living legacy of America’s heritage and historic foundations. There are more monuments and historic...


Berkeley Travel Wiki Travel to Berkeley Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Berkeley Berkeley is a beautiful city right on the San Francisco Bay. Known for its great university, vibrant creative and hippie scenes, and stunning parks, Berkeley is a great place to live and visit. Telegraph Avenue is a hotbed of activism of all kinds, the site of protests during the sixties and today the site of great...

Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake Travel Wiki Travel to Big Bear Lake Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Big Bear Lake Big Bear Lake is one of California’s premier mountain resorts. Nestled in the heart of the San Bernardino National Forest, this beautiful town attracts thousands of visitors in all seasons. Winter regularly brings heavy snowfall to the area, and many great ski lifts provide endless hours of excitement to enthusiasts...

Boca Raton

Boca Raton Travel Wiki Travel to Boca Raton Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Boca Raton The city of Boca Raton, just north of Fort Lauderdale and known for its commonly mistranslated name ‘Mouse’s Mouth’, offers one of the finest vacation spots in Florida. With 1,500 acres of parks and hiking trails there is plenty of space to relax and explore. Besides the four miles of gorgeous beaches lined...


Boston Travel Wiki Travel to Boston Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, initially established in 1630. It has played a key role in many events that have happened in US history, including the political protest that would come to be known as the Boston Tea Party. It is a place that can be entertaining and educational, allowing you to explore at your leisure. One of the first things you may wish to do is take a walk...


Branson Travel Wiki Travel to Branson Branson, Missouri is one of the Midwest's greatest tourist destinations. There are many attractions in Branson, and people of every age are sure to find several things to see and do while in town. While there are collectively hundreds of museums, variety shows, shops, parks, playgrounds, and other activities in Branson, below are some of the most recommended. Travel and vacation in Branson, USA Here you can find information about travel and holiday trips to USA. You will...


Burbank Travel Wiki Travel to Burbank Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Burbank Burbank is just a stone’s throw out of the city Los Angeles, and its ideal location places it at the doorstep of California’s most active region. The city is known as a media hub, with companies like Disney, Warner, Nickelodeon, and others headquartered there and therefore perfect for family trips. Great shopping and dining can be...


Burlington Travel Wiki Travel to Burlington Vermont is one of the most beautiful states the U.S. offers. Burlington is a majestic example of what makes Vermont such a special place to visit. It is the smallest city in the U.S. to be the largest city in its state, which means you’ll have plenty of room to explore, discover, and relax. Burlington is also the first U.S. city to be run completely by renewable energy resources. Burlington is also just a quick day trip...

Cape May

Cape May Travel Wiki Travel to Cape May Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Cape May New Jersey’s Cape May is one of the East Coast’s top vacation destinations. It’s been regarded as a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beach for hundreds of years, and today, that tradition continues. The entire town is considered a National Historic Landmark for its many Victorian buildings, just one indication of...

Travel resources

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Biggest City USA

Facts about USA, Biggest city What are the name of the biggest city United States, and how big are city by population. Easy overview of the informations in the sortable table below. Please note that the informations comes from various sources,if you are using the informations professional you should get confirmation that the figures are actual. Last update august 2017

Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Orlando

Visit Disney's Hollywood Studios – Where Stars are Made If you’re visiting Orlando, Florida, you probably have a trip to Universal Studios on your list, and therefore may decide to skip Disney's Hollywood Studios, however you may find that – especially if you have younger children – Disney's Hollywood Studios is a better alternative as there are less attractions with height restrictions than Universal.  Although there are a few more thrill-seeking rides, most of the Disney's Hollywood Studios park is...

Everglades National Park, Florida

Visit Everglades National Park – Experience Nature As the 3rd largest national park in America, the 1.6 million square miles of the Everglades National Park is teeming with natural beauty.  Its swamplands are as familiar a sight as the alligators and airboats used to promote the area.  The ecosystem of the park is what draws many of the visitors here.  Although there’s plenty of waterways, swimming isn’t an option because of the unfriendly wildlife who live there, but canoeing is...

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Visit Grand Canyon, Arizona – A Sight Not to be Missed! Grand Canyon, Arizona – A Sight Not to be Missed! The Grand Canyon National Park was one of America’s first National Parks, and it’s one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations with visitors from across the world being inspired by its breathtaking beauty every day.  The Canyon, which the Colorado River has cut through the gorge, is approximately 275 miles long and between a quarter of a mile to...

Kennedy Space Center, Orlando

For anyone who is enthusiastic or curious about space travel, past and present, a trip to the Kennedy Space Center a little west of Orlando will be a day out not to be forgotten.  This isn’t going to be a cheap day out, so make sure you check out in advance the current entrance fees plus any additional budget requirements for additional rides, etc just before you make your trip.  Another thing to check in advance is the space...

Look at Montana from above

Montana from above Montana seen in birds eye view, have a flight in Montana state - aka Big Sky Country, The Treasure State, Land of the Shining Mountains, The Last Best Place. Visit Libby Dam, Kalispell & Whitefish Mountains. See this very nice video, video is narrated. We find the best drone and HD footages of the country, have a look and be inspired. You can see and write comments, and recommend other good videos in the disqus field below. Good to...

Look at New York from above

New York from above New York seen in birds eye view, have a flight along Hudson River and see Hyde Park Mansion. Then on to West Point Military Academy, and Sing Sing Correctional Facility. We then fly to Sleepy Hollow, inspiration for the famous Irving story, and the Tim Burton / Johnny Depp 1999 horror movie. We end our journey in the iconic NYC. See this very nice video, video is narrated. We find the best drone and HD footages of...

Look at New York state from above

New York state from above New York state seen in birds eye view, have a flight from Lake Champlain, Adirondack Park, and Lake Placid. Fly to St. Lawrence River, along Lake Ontario to Rochester, before witnessing Niagara Falls - enjoy the gorgeous landscapes of this beautiful region. See this very nice video, video is narrated. We find the best drone and HD footages of the country, have a look and be inspired. You can see and write comments, and recommend other...

Look at Yosemite from above

Yosemite National Park from above We find the best drone and HD footages of the country, have a look and be inspired. You can see and write comments, and recommend other good videos in the disqus field below. Yosemite National Park in California is a historical place to visit and should be on every bucket list. Yosemite Valley is just one part of the park to explore; on your Yosemite National Park holiday, make sure you explore Yosemite Falls, Half Dome and El...

Money USA, Local Currency, Dollar

Money in USA (notes and coins) USAs legal tender is called Dollar (USD). 1 Dollar = 100 cent. Coins in circulation: 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, $¼, $½, $1 coins Notes in circulation: $1, $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 Dollar notes. USA National Bank

Official holidays

When are holidays and no working days in the country ?

January 1New Year's Day
VariableBirthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
VariableInauguration DayJanuary 20 or 21
VariableWashington's Birthday
VariableMemorial Day
July 4Independence Day
VariableLabor Day
VariableColumbus Day or Indigenous Peoples' Day
November 11Veterans Day
VariableThanksgiving Day
December 25Christmas

Which are the largest cities ?

Listing of the most important and largest cities in the country

1New York8,175,133
2Los Angeles3,792,621
7San Antonio1,327,407
8San Diego1,307,402
10San Jose945,942
13San Francisco805,235
16Fort Worth741,206
18El Paso649,121

Visit United States.

Travel resources for USA.

Welcome to the land of opportunity. The USA boasts a vast cultural landscape. Culture, cuisine and weather vary greatly across the fifty states. Find fast paced cities full of trend setting citizens and snowy winters in the northern states. Venture south and find the desert landscapes of the wild west or hit the west coast of California and revel in the stylish sun soaked beachside cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. There will never be a shortage of things to see and do in USA

Hit the beach in California. Take a tour through the glamorous streets of Hollywood, L.A. Head west to Nevada and try your luck in Las Vegas. This one of a kind destination is truly a city that never sleeps.

Find a beautiful bay view on the piers of San Francisco and marvel at the brilliant Golden Gate Bridge. Head north and find the iconic New York city skyline and all New York State has to offer. Take in the sights of the historic town of Boston, Massachusetts. Grab a deep-dish pizza and a beer and enjoy the cool charm of Chicago, Illinois.

Explore the large array of cultural experiences that the USA has to offer. Live it up on the beautiful beaches of California, try your luck in the neon city of Las Vegas and enjoy the super stylish charms of New York City and Chicago.

No matter what time of year you travel to the USA there will be something wonderful happening in pretty much all of the fantastic holiday destinations that this country has to offer.

Fly in to California and enjoy the sun on one of the many beaches that line the west coast. Head up to San Francisco and take in the trend setting culture that is rich beneath the jagged Victorian rooftops. Make sure you find time to witness the grandeur of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps. Glowing neon casinos line the Las Vegas Strip and provide light to the city 24 hours a day. You will lose track of time in this magical place because the ecstatic vibe emanating from the patrons never seems to dull.

Take in the sights of New York City with a stroll through the iconic streets. See Times Square and Broadway by night and wander through Central Park by day, making sure to stop at a New York deli for a delicious pastrami or brisket sandwich.

Head north to Massachusetts and the colonial sights of the site of the American revolution. Take strolls through the many museums of Boston and explore the beautiful architecture of this college town.

A trip to the USA would be wasted without time spent in the city of Chicago. This town has a cool charm about it that is just recently being realised by the outside world. The dazzling lights of Chicago highlight a town with an amazing food culture. Find the best new restaurants here and of course you must try one of the patented deep dish Chicago pizzas. Wash this down with a beer in one of the bars responsible for Chicago’s sizzling nightlife and you won’t be sorry you came to the Windy City of Chi-Town.