East Asia may be dominated by China, but Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau are included as well.

It is a densely populated region of the world, though Mongolia is notable because it has the lowest population density of a sovereign state in the world.

The Chinese Dynasties, an advanced civilization that was in existence during the time of the Romans, predates the other cultures of the region. This has led to its influence on the region, creating similar, yet different, cultural, political, and economic identities. In the 20th century, political changes occurred within this region that have helped to shape the modern world.

With so much diversity in play, one can find almost any adventure waiting for them in East Asia. One can visit casinos and create a hotel resort experience. There are gorgeous beaches to enjoy. There are cityscapes to explore and natural landscapes to discover. One can trek to a remote village to experience authentic cultural life or book a stay in a tall skyscraper.

East Asia focuses on tradition, even as it moves toward modernism. At the same time, there are certain cultures which prefer to stay true to a simpler way of life, creating a rural and rustic community that is just as welcoming to the visitor. Each displays the best attributes of their culture, from art and costume to dance and music, through a variety of festivals each year.

East Asia provides a unique outlook on life that is worth exploring. That is why the nations of this region are such a delight to explore.

Below you find a list of countries belonging to the region known as East Asia.

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East Asia