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Travel to Myanmar

Myanmar, which some may still call Burma, is found in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by India and China, among others, and offers nearly 2,000km of coastline to explore. Visitors can access the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, head for the mountains, or seek out cultural opportunities on their own.

Since 1992, there has been a push to bring tourism into Myanmar to explore its unique charm and rustic beauty. The country averages fewer than 20,000 tourists per year, which means many of its popular destinations can be accessed with relative ease.

Bagan may be the best place of all to visit during a stay in Myanmar. A stunning temple stands guard over the surrounding forest, at times touching the clouds as they float on by. The Arakan Mountains loom in the distance while countless temples can be found along the landscape. Consider a balloon ride to have a unique aerial view of this majestic landscape.

The golden spire of Shewdagon Pagoda is another site that must be seen to be believed. This sacred spot, where legend says lotus buds would signal the coming of Gautama Buddha, can easily compete with any other top site in the world today.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Kalaw. Found along the eastern mountains, a rural atmosphere with guest houses, small markets, and cool breezes is the perfect place to decompress.

Myanmar is a hidden gem that deserves to be explored. With its many wonders, you may find yourself longing to return after your stay.

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Naypyidaw, capital of Myanmar

Naypyidaw Travel Wiki Travel to Naypyidaw Naypyidaw serves as the capital and administrative center of Myanmar. It is the home of the glorious Uppatasanti Pagoda and serves as a base of operations for trekkers and backpackers who wish to explore.  It is a planned city, completed in 2012, and has a relatively low population density despite the fact that 1 million people live there. Outside of the pagoda, the National Museum is another excellent opportunity to get to know the local culture....

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Biggest City Myanmar

Facts about Myanmar, Biggest city What are the name of the biggest city Thailand, and how big are city by population. Easy overview of the informations in the sortable table below. Please note that the informations comes from various sources,if you are using the informations professional you should get confirmation that the figures are actual.

Geography and facts, Myanmar

Myanmar, geography and facts explained Geography, facts, local customs and foodie guide. All explained in videos 8 to 15 minutes, very good, informative and funny videos that will ensure you see the videos to the end. The videos are produced by Geography now, thanks for the videos and keep up the good work.

Myanmar Holidays

Myanmar Public Holidays See the calendars for national Myanmar holidays year by year. Find and just click on the year you for which you need more information about Myanmar holidays, and the calendar for the year will open. When is the non working days for the year. Public / national days, see the calendar for the country here.

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