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Travel to Australia

A visit to Australia at first feels like a visit to any other European or Western country. You’ll find similar brands and products for sale, with opportunities to enjoy some of your favorite dishes from home. The largest part of Australia is desert or semi-arid, but the south-east and south-west corners have temperate climate and moderately fertile soil. The northern part has tropical climate, which is part tropical rainforest, part grassland and part desert.

Once you step outside of the cities, however, you’ll find that Australia is a wholly unique place to visit. Some nations promote their wildlife, but in Australia, one must take the “wild” seriously. More than 80% of the reptiles, mammals, and plants that can be found in this continental nation are found nowhere else in the world. Kangaroos, koala bears, dingoes, and wombats are just some of what you can expect to find if you head out for an outback adventure.

The Great Barrier Reef is another wonder that deserves a visit. Hiring a boat to explore this reef can make for a fun and engaging day trip. It is the world’s largest coral reef and extends for over 1,200 kms! It lies a short distance from the north-east coast. The Blue Mountains and Fraser Island are additional natural wonders that deserve their own visit as well.

Another spectacular place to visit is Uluru. It is the second largest monolith in the world and is located in central Australia. You can also visit the Great Artesian Basin, which is the world’s largest and deepest fresh water basin. Along with its beauty, it also serves as an important source of water in the parched outback.

You’ll also find numerous opportunities to relax in your own unique way. Enjoy the hundreds of miles of coastline that are available. Explore Barossa Valley and enjoy its winemaking expertise. Take a walk in The Rocks, which is an urban precinct of Sydney that offers shopping, art tours, and historical exhibits.

You sure can’t miss going to Sydney if you visit Australia. Sydney is located in a coastal basin situated between the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Blue Mountains to the west. You can enjoy more than 70 beaches in Sydney! If you have limited time, then you can only go to the famous Bondi Beach of Australia. Sydney has more amazing landmarks for you like Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. If you are interested in rowing, boating, recreational fishing, racing small yachts and Dragon Boat racing, then you can get all that in Sydney Harbour.

Melbourne lies in the south-east corner of the mainland Australia. The city is known for a large and vibrant cultural life along with a chain of pubs, bars and nightclubs. Try out the fun in fashionable nightclubs, ubiquitous faux-Irish pubs, serious jazz venues on Bennetts Lane or the massive pickup joints like The Metro on Bourke Street.

After “sin city Melbourne” do not forget Adelaide or the ‘City of Churches’, as it is often referred as. But do not worry, the name City of Churches is a reflection of Adelaide’s past rather than its present.

Perth is a city known for the pristine quality of its beaches. Unbroken stretches of golden sands run through the entire length of the city’s coastal suburbs. If you are a nature lover, then you got to see this place.

With botanical gardens as common as coffee shops, Australia offers numerous opportunities to explore. Be wild or kick back and watch an ODI at the local cricket grounds. Either way, this nation invites you to enjoy a taste of home even though you’re far from it.

Best of Australia

New South Wales

Colourful and cosmopolitan, Australia’s First State is arguably one of the country’s most interesting, making holidays in New South Wales as remarkable as they come. The state finds its identity across a polarity of opposites, from slick modern cities and quaint traditional towns to snow-capped mountains and sapphire ocean waters.

No holiday in New South Wales would be complete without a visit to its infamous capital, Sydney. A city that glimmers beneath its world renowned landmarks, its modern architecture and its thriving cultural scene, Sydney allures many a visitor with its glamorous charm. The illustrious pale sands of Byron Bay will tempt many a beach lover, as will its laid-back streets filled with mellow local bars, relaxed restaurants and trendy boutique shops. Take up residence in one of the town’s beach houses for bedtimes that are filled with the sounds of the sea.

New South Wales’s climate is as diverse as its landscape, with wintery scenes falling on the Snowy Mountains between July and September, and sun drenching the sands between December and February. If you’re heading for some city sightseeing visiting during spring or autumn is a good option as you will be graced with comfortable weather and smaller holiday crowds.

From cultural sightseeing across its cities, to outdoor sports across its landscapes, holidays in New South Wales can be packed full of diverse experiences. Make the most of the natural sights with some trekking –or bushwalks – across areas such as the Jamison Valley and Katoomba. The national parks provide the perfect spot for some outdoor sports, whilst the Hunter Valley is a favourite for those who want to tour the vineyards and sample some local wine. Winter brings with it a blanket of snow on the mountains, with the Snowy Mountains providing the ideal destination for some skiing. If you’d rather stick to some fun in the sun you can visit the coast’s numerous beaches, which offer surfing and countless other water sports. Cities such as Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong offer vibrant streets and amenities, as well as the chance to see some world famous sights.

New South Wales has hundreds of beautiful national parks well worth visiting, including the vast Great Lakes, Lord Howe Island and Mutawintji National Park, which is home to ancient Aboriginal rock art. The state is also become well known for its superb gourmet food and wine tasting trails, and there are always tastings, events and beautiful landscapes to see when enjoying the local produce. The fantastic Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo is one of New South Wales’ best family attractions. With over 300 hectares of bush land, it is home to hundreds of species of animal and offers exciting car or bike safaris. Kids will love the Jamberoo Action Park, with go karting, mini golf and a huge water park perfect on hot summer days. A wonderful way to explore New South Wales’ landscapes and parks is by horseback, and there are numerous centres and trails catering to all ability levels. Swimming with dolphins is a dream of many, and it can be experienced in Charlestown, along with other water sports. The stunning reefs along the coast are waiting be explored on a scuba diving trip.


Australia’s singular island state is separated from the rest of the country by much more than just a band of water. The state feels miles away from mainland Australia, and throughout Tasmania holidays you’ll discover an original, rugged and breath-taking scenery which encompasses the tallest mountains in the country, dense forest, remarkable coastal treats and its very own unique and iconic resident – the devil. Adventurous types will revel in Tasmania, with an endless list of national parks looking forward to welcoming tourists into an arena of outdoor pursuits. Those looking for a little more rest and relaxation will feel at home along the great range of beaches that punctuate the coastline on their holidays in Tasmania, while culture vultures will find an engrossing history to explore in the towns and cities of the island, including the capital Hobart and the charming city of Launceston.

Nearly 50% of Tasmania is protected in national parks, so you’re bound to stumble across one or two when there. Such is the range of parks on the island, the variety and diversity of landscapes and activities within these protected areas make for countless exciting and spontaneous days of adventure and discovery, whether in the form of a relaxing hike or a thrilling extreme sport – a staple diet of the outdoor experience in Australia. Among the most famous natural sites on holidays to Tasmania are Cradle Mountain National Park, Ben Lomond National Park and Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park – try and tick one of these off during your time on the island. Throughout the landscapes of the island you will be offered the opportunity to indulge in action adventure, including diving, rafting, skydiving, rock climbing, caving and skiing in the winter. You can turn things down a notch too, with some more leisurely hikes, cycle routes or fishing trips, while the coastal beauty of Bay of Fires will give you the chance to indulge in some swimming or surfing on your Tasmania holidays. Grab a little dose of culture too during your stay, whether in the form of the historic and bustling Salamanca Place area of the capital Hobart, or in the old buildings and museums of Launceston.

Western Australia

Consisting of eight diverse regions, including the vibrant state capital Perth, Western Australia is perfect for visitors looking to experience jaw-dropping vistas away from the madding crowd. The state is also home to numerous fantastic, and largely empty, beaches with perfect surfing conditions, making it ideal for those looking for an Australian surfing holiday with a difference. The state capital of Perth is a natural starting point for holidays to Western Australia. Its laid-back vibe will suit families and young travellers alike, and has plenty to see and do in its own right. Some of Australia’s best beaches are located within the city’s boundaries, Scarborough’s own stretch of beach is a particular favourite. Perth is home to fantastic beaches, marine life, national parks and a good nightlife and foodie scene. Here you can tour a brewery, sail the coast or swim with dolphins. Just off the coast of Perth is Rottnest Island, home to unusual and fascinating animal and plant life. Biking and surfing are popular there, as are the 63 uncrowded beaches. Perth International Arts Festival is a fantastic annual multi-arts celebration that offers visual art, theatre, music and more. A huge international festival that attractions visitors from all over the world, it is a calendar highlight in Western Australia.

Families might find the town of Broome, in Kimberley region in the north of the state, as the ideal place to kick back and relax with the kids. It boasts the standard picture-perfect beaches, the world’s oldest picture garden, and a crocodile farm, so there’s plenty to keep the younger generation occupied. Cable Beach in Broome is considered by many to be one of the finest in the country, with 22km of white sand and the deep turquoise Indian Ocean. The scenery is unforgettable, and it is possible to take camel rides, boat cruises or simply relaxing. Monkey Mia is the top place to go and see wild dolphins, usually coming to the shore every day. Families will love its stretches of pristine beaches and the glamorous resorts that dot the western coast. The laid-back streets of Perth also make it a family friendly destination – kids will love the shipwreck museum in Fremantle. Temperatures are at their hottest in the summer months, with the average for Perth between November and April sitting at a beautiful 30C.

Young travellers and backpackers will also find plenty to their like on holidays to Western Australia. Try diving in Ningaloo Coral reef, Western Australia’s answer to Great Barrier Reef, and just as astonishing. There are plenty of hiking trails to explore all across the state, with the Railway Reserve Heritage Trail just outside of Perth offering a unique chance to roam along an abandoned railway, complete with scary railway tunnel to traverse and stunning views over Perth itself as a reward for finishing. Western Australia is home to some truly awe-inspiring landscapes which makes it ideal for travellers looking for a little adventure on their Australian holidays. The state boasts several spectacular national parks which are well worth a visit – Karijini National Park in Pilbara region houses remarkable lakes and cave systems, and their many hues of water and multi-coloured rock will live long in the memory.

Mount Augustus in Gascoyne region is twice the size and much more impressive than its more famous rival of Ayers Rock. It can be seen from more than 160km away and experts believe it to be more than 1.5 billion years old. The mountain sports numerous mysterious Aboriginal paintings as well as remarkable views from its summit. One of best attractions in the state is the famous Bungle Bungle Range, in the Purnululu National Park. It covers a breathtaking 240,000 hectares and is a true outback venture, with jeep safaris, hiking and camping being the most popular. The unique and fascinating Indigenous Art is another big attraction to the state, and the oldest Aboriginal rock art can be found in Kimberley. There is no end of activities to enjoy in Western Australia. Try swimming with dolphins in Monkey Mia, trekking and camping in the Karijini National Park or riding a camel along Cable Beach. Margaret River is superb for surfing, and other water sports including boat trips, scuba diving and whale watching can be done all along the coast.

Margaret River is a wonderful destination for a couples’ getaway in Western Australia. A few hours from Perth, it has become famous for its stunning natural landscapes, fine dining and excellent wine. A number of wineries breweries are fun to tour, and the place also has a thriving art scene. Located in Broome, the idyllic Roebuck Bay is a romantic and very beautiful bay renowned for its unique natural colours. Swimming with dolphins is an unforgettable experience, and Western Australia is one of the best places to do it. Rockingham, located just a 40 minute drive from Perth, offers a wealth of water-based experiences, including snorkelling, sailing and stunning beaches to relax on. Swimming and wild dolphin watching tours are on offer. Penguin Island is also nearby, home to over 1000 tiny penguins.

Seafood lovers will be in heaven in Western Australia, and there are plenty of places to enjoy a romantic meal on the beach, sample the local wine or party in Perth. If you’re feeling adventurous, head to the town of Pemberton where you can catch your own fish for the beach barbecue. For something a little quieter, choose one of Perth’s stylish cocktail bars and cosy pubs. Arguably Western Australia’s finest attraction is the stunning Karijini National Park in Pilbara. The expanse of red rock, dramatic gorges and beautiful waterfalls makes up one of the largest national parks in the whole country. A 4-wheel drive tour is the best way to see it, with the option of camping. For more of the great outdoors, visit the famous Gantheaume Point near Broome, Kimberley, where you can see real life preserved dinosaur footprint and fossils. Talbot Bay is home of the only 2 horizontal waterfalls on the planet. The incredible sight is well worth experience from air, or by boat for the adventurous. Monkey Mia is the place to go for some of the best dolphin watching available. At the idyllic bay you can hand-feed the friendly dolphins, swim or take a boat ride. A day out at the famous Cable Beach is a must; the 22km of white sand and deep blue water draws visitors from all over to experience the slice of paradise.


Queensland not only offers holidaymakers some stunning white sand beaches with clear warm waters, but also an abundance of attractions and activities that will keep the whole family entertained. There are exciting theme parks and water parks in Surfers Paradise, fantastic diving opportunities in the world famous Great Barrier Reef which surrounds Queenslands coast, and of course not forgetting a lively nightlife in cities such as Brisbane and Cairns. Whether you want to discover the natural beauty of Queensland, enjoy it’s thriving cities or make the most of the huge range of activities available here, you are sure to fall in love with this amazing area of Australia.

You can’t visit Queensland without exploring the coastal city of Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef in the north and the vibrant city of Brisbane in the south. World Heritage listed Fraser Island is an incredibly beautiful place with rainforests, freshwater lakes and white sandy beaches. The beach at Surfers Paradise is one of Queensland’s most famous, while the 74 islands in the Great Barrier Reef that make up the Whitsunday Islands offer mile upon mile of white sand beaches lapped by crystal clear water such as the perfect Whitehaven Beach. The national parks dotted inland and along the Queensland coast are the ideal places to enjoy a scenic walk, soak up the stunning countryside and spot the local wildlife. Brisbane is a vibrant city bursting with great shops, museums, art galleries and theatres, while energetic Cairns in the north has markets, festivals, galleries, a marina and Botanic Gardens to enjoy.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world and is teaming with marine life and dotted with the tropical Whitsunday Islands. As one of seven natural wonders of the world it’s a must see destination on a Queensland holiday. There are more than 200 national parks in Queensland amongst which are the Great Sandy National Park near Noosaville and the Conondale National Park north of Brisbane where many native and endangered species of wildlife can be found. Queensland is all about the great outdoors whether that means going diving off the Great Barrier Reef or rock climbing in southeast Queensland there’s an activity to suit everyone. For the adventurous there’s the opportunity to go skydiving, while nature lovers can enjoy the great outdoors by heading inland for a couple of nights on a camping trip to discover the beautiful countryside.

Lounge on the soft white sand of Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island or swim in the calm water at the beach at Noosa Heads. With a backdrop of lush rainforest, Mission Beach stretches for 14 kilometres between four villages and is a wide golden sand beach much like Rainbow Beach in Queensland’s Cooloola region. Port Douglas in north Queensland and Surfers Paradise on the southern Gold Coast both offer beach goers long stretches of white sand lapped by beautifully clear water. The long stretches of golden and white sand beaches of the Sunshine Coast, Golden Coast, Fraser Island and the Whitsundays is what draws travellers to Queensland. The water is clear and a perfect turquoise colour and in many places there’s great surf for those wanting to do more than just lounge on the picture postcard perfect beaches. The inviting golden sand beaches are the perfect place for a spot of sunbathing and the views out towards the azure ocean are stunning. Go swimming in the warm water where it’s calm or tackle the waves and have a go at surfing. The Great Barrier Reef is an incredible place to go snorkelling, or you can learn how to sail, jet ski or water ski off the coast.

There are heaps of attractions for families to enjoy in Queensland with a huge variety of theme parks including the renowned Dreamworld, lots of fun filled water parks and aquariums, plus all the rides and sights at Sea World. Just north of Brisbane on the Gold Coast is Australia Zoo where the kids can make friends with koalas or even hand feed the elephants. Of course the thing the Gold Coast is most famous for is its stunning beaches. For an unforgettable experience treat the family to a humpback whale tour with boats departing from numerous places including Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Hervey Bay, which is considered to be the world’s whale watching capital. Not only can you go whale watching but there are plenty of opportunities to go swimming with dolphins in places such as the incredible Noosa National Park off the Sunshine Coast. What could be more romantic than strolling hand in hand along one of the Sunshine Coast’s perfect white sand beaches or paddling in the azure water lapping the near deserted beaches on the Whitsunday Islands. Take a wine tour and visit the Scenic Rum wineries and the Tamborine Mountain Distiller or if you want to completely relax enjoy a spa day being pampered with a salt scrub or pummelled with a massage.

City Guides

Click on a city for more information about the city, maps, tourist information, tours and what to see and do in the city.


Adelaide Travel Wiki Travel to Adelaide Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Adelaide Adelaide was one of the earlier cities that was founded in Australia, with a history that dates to 1836. It’s location on a peninsula gives visitors easy access to coastal beaches, beautiful parks, and the warm hospitality that this city is known to have. It is frequently referred to as the City of Churches. The arts have...

Agnes Water

Agnes Water Travel Wiki Travel to Agnes Water Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Agnes Water Located on the Discovery Coast of Queensland, Agnes Water is a holiday destination that’s becoming increasingly popular with visitors. The small town is situated half way between the larger areas of Gladstone and Bundaberg. Its remote location and difficult access made Agnes Water relatively untouched until the 1990s. Today, the area is one of...

Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach Travel Wiki Travel to Airlie Beach Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Airlie Beach Airlie Beach is a popular holiday destination in the Whitsunday region of Queensland. The town is a well-established launching pad to explore the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. With the closest port to the Islands and the convenience of mainland living, Airlie Beach is the ideal place to start a tropical...


Albany Travel Wiki Travel to Albany Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Albany Whether you’re looking for an extended stay in a single destination or a base from which to tour Western Australia’s southern coastline, the city of Albany has everything you need. It plays host to some wonderful beaches and a range of tempting restaurants and cafés. Located some 420 kilometres from Perth, Albany is an iconic city with...

Alexandra Headland

Alexandra Headland Travel Wiki Travel to Alexandra Headland Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Alexandra Headland Alexandra Headland is a laidback coastal community situated on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Just over 100km north of the state’s capital, Brisbane, the area is ideally located for a quick seaside escape. Situated between the popular coastal towns of Maroochydore and Mooloolaba, the township is the ideal holiday destination to explore the sunshine strip. With...

Alice Springs

Alice Springs Travel Wiki Travel to Alice Springs Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Alice Springs Alice Springs, the unofficial but undisputed capital of the Australia's vast outback, has a population of less than 30,000 people, but is one of the largest communities in Australia’s Northern Territory. Alice Springs is nestled in the MacDonnell Ranges in Central Australia. Roughly equidistant between Adelaide and Darwin, it lies almost at the geographical centre...


Anglesea Travel Wiki Travel to Anglesea Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Anglesea Anglesea is a favourite Great Ocean Road holiday destination due to the great beaches, bushland, wildlife and stunning coastal scenery in the area. Located on a wide sandy expanse beside the Anglesea River, Anglesea’s main beach is perfect for swimming, surfing and relaxing. Anglesea is also a great place to explore on foot. The 35 kilometre Surf...

Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay Travel Wiki Travel to Apollo Bay Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Apollo Bay Apollo Bay is regarded by many as a paradise by the sea. The town is characterised by a wide, crescent-shaped sandy swimming beach, a backdrop of undulating green Otway hills, relaxed lifestyle, waterfalls, national and state parks and abundant flora and fauna in the nearby ranges. The beach at Apollo Bay is a focus for...


Ashmore Travel Wiki Travel to Ashmore Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Ashmore If you're thinking about a holiday on Queensland's exciting Gold Coast, the suburb of Ashmore is among the best places to stay. It's just a few kilometres to the main beach areas of this highly desirable holiday destination, and within easy reach of all the major attractions of the area. The weather is an important factor in...


Atherton Travel Wiki Travel to Atherton Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Atherton Only an hour’s drive south west from Cairns, holidays to Atherton offer a rustic country experience in a town that remains the major service centre for the Tablelands. Built on the side of an extinct volcano, Atherton offers the perfect holiday experience of a tranquil country stay with all the up-to-date facilities of a major town. The rich,...


Augusta Travel Wiki Travel to Augusta Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Augusta If you like your seaside resorts to be quiet, elegant and charming, Augusta should be at the top of your must-visit list. There is plenty to see and do here, but the emphasis is always on an understated form of enjoyment. Located close to the spot which marks the exact south-west tip of Australia, this delightful little...


Australia, geography and facts The sun shines 300 days of the year in Queensland and the beaches are second to none. The aptly named Sunshine coast offers perfect beaches and funky seaside towns. Escape further north and find one of the wonders of the natural world, The Great Barrier Reef. Known as Australia’s answer to San Francisco, Melbourne is a melting pot of the best art and music in the country. Visit the hidden alleyway bars and discover the beating...


Bamaga Travel Wiki Travel to Bamaga Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Bamaga If you like your holiday destinations to be wonderfully remote and isolated, a trip to Bamaga will really push your buttons. This beautiful small town is located closed to the most northerly point on the Australian mainland, amid an area that is commonly regarded as one of the country’s last true wilderness regions. Bamaga is just 40...


Bargara Travel Wiki Travel to Bargara Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Bargara Situated on Queensland’s central coast, Bargara lies to the east of Bundaberg, approximately 384 km north of the state capital, Brisbane. With a picturesque coastline and beautiful beaches, the area is fast becoming a popular holiday destination. A pleasant subtropical climate and laidback lifestyle make the Coral Coast region the ideal place for a ‘sea change’...


Beerwah Travel Wiki Travel to Beerwah Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Beerwah Beerwah is a town situated in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, north of the Glasshouse Mountains. As a result, you will see some of the best nature has to offer during your stay here. It is also home to the famous Australia Zoo, a must visit on your holiday in Beerwah. There are many different options for accommodation in...


Bendigo Travel Wiki Travel to Bendigo Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Bendigo Bendigo with a population of 100,000 is the 3rd largest city in the state. It is a beautiful city with grand Victorian architecture, more opulent than that generally seen in Australia. Bendigo grew to a bustling town during the Gold Rush Era of the 1850s. The wealth created during this period resulted many fine Victorian era...


Biboohra Travel Wiki Travel to Biboohra Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Biboohra If you’re looking for a great country experience, then Queensland’s Biboohra is the perfect holiday destination for you. Whether you want to enjoy an unforgettable experience with the kids, or get your heart racing and ready for a romantic getaway, this area offers plenty of excitement. A Biboohra holiday offers lush rainforest to explore, as well as...

Biggera Waters

Biggera Waters Travel Wiki Travel to Biggera Waters Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Biggera Waters The resort area of Biggera Waters in Queensland is named after Biggera Creek, which runs through it. Biggera Waters is a suburb of the Gold Coast Broadwater, a commercial and residential area along an estuary flowing into Moreton Bay. Biggera Waters is a great place to base yourself for an exciting holiday on...


Bongaree Travel Wiki Travel to Bongaree Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Bongaree The perfect place to unwind in style, Bongaree is located on the majestic Bribie Island in Queensland. Although it’s less than an hour away from Brisbane, the island has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere and a pace of life that most of us can only ever dream of. There is so much to see and do in Bongaree...


Brisbane Travel Wiki Travel to Brisbane Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Brisbane Brisbane is one of the oldest and largest cities in Australia. You’ll discover that is everything you could want in a holiday destination of any length. Beautiful Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and a fantastic choice for a weekend or week away. Located in between the Gold and Sunshine Coasts Brisbane is an in-land city but...

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Australia, geography and facts The sun shines 300 days of the year in Queensland and the beaches are second to none. The aptly named Sunshine coast offers perfect beaches and funky seaside towns. Escape further north and find one of the wonders of the natural world, The Great Barrier Reef. Known as Australia’s answer to San Francisco, Melbourne is a melting pot of the best art and music in the country. Visit the hidden alleyway bars and discover the beating...

Australia Holidays

Australia Public Holidays See the calendars for national Australia holidays year by year. Find and just click on the year you for which you need more information about Australia holidays, and the calendar for the year will open. When is the non working days for the year. Public / national days, see the calendar for the country here.

Australia Ultimate Travel Guide

Top class Travel TV.  Interesting history and good travel ideas delivered to you in professional short travel video clips presented and narrated. Australia is a wild and beautiful place, a land whose color palette of red outback sands and Technicolor reefs frames sophisticated cities and soulful Indigenous stories. Sydney Opera House Sydney Harbor Bridge Great Ocean Road Melbourne Blue Mountains National Park Great Barrier Reef Kangaroo Island Fraser Island Bondi Beach Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park We find the best travel TV and video programmes and share them on this website. Be inspired by...

Biggest City Australia

Facts about Australia, Biggest city What are the name of the biggest city Australia, and how big are city by population. Easy overview of the informations in the sortable table below. Please note that the informations comes from various sources,if you are using the informations professional you should get confirmation that the figures are actual. Last update august 2017

Find cheapest travel to Australia

Find cheapest travels to Australia in search engine. Below you can find search engines that will find you the cheapest travels in a few clicks. The search engine scans for the, time being, cheapest tickets. Search cheap airline tickets to Australia Click below for a search in the all-in-one engine that will search for, for the time being, best offer on arline tickets. Hotel or apartment in Australia Click below for "all in one" search on the, for the time being, best offers in...

Geography and facts, Australia

Australia, geography and facts explained Geography, facts, local customs and foodie guide. All explained in videos 8 to 15 minutes, very good, informative and funny videos that will ensure you see the videos to the end. The videos are produced by Geography now, thanks for the videos and keep up the good work.

Money Australia, Local Currency, Dollar

Money in Australia (notes and coins) Australias legal tender is called Dollar (AUD). 1 Dollar = 100 cent. Coins in circulation: $1 and $2 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent coins Notes in circulation: $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes. Reserve Bank of Australia (National Bank)

National Tourist Information Australia

Traveladvisor in Australia: Are you going on a vacation you can get lots of free and professional help, traveladvice and information from the National Tourism Organisation. Discover the country and the cities getting the most out of your vacation with the professional help from the people who knows their country and their culture the best. Australia Tourism Authority WEBSITE FACEBOOK TWITTER YOUTUBE FLICKR INSTAGRAM GOOGLE+ PINTEREST VIMEO About Australia Australia is a very diverse country geographically and a hot spot for tourism. If you are thinking about heading down under, here is some...

Roadtrip – The Great Ocean Road

Roadtrip from Melbourne ? Visitors to the Australian state of Victoria and its capital Melbourne should definitely consider reserving some time to explore Victoria's, the Great Ocean Road. This magnificent coastal tour combines spectacular Southern Ocean scenery, huge cliffs, towering rock stacks, lush temperate rainforests, tranquil bays, intriguing coastal villages full of history, clean uncrowded beaches and great surf. The Great Ocean Road winds its way along the breath-taking coastline of south-west Victoria, from Geelong in the east to Nelson in the...

The Ghan through Australia

3000 kilometres through Australia by train in just 3 hours. 3000 kilometres train travel from Adelaide to Darwin edited to 3 hours, experience the legendary "Ghan" through Australia. In this video you can follow the passengers and train crew in a 38 car, 850 metres long train through Australia. The Ghan is a living legend in Australian history and offers the ultimate journey through the heart of the Australian continent. Named after Afghan cameleers who originally helped open up the desert interior...

Official holidays

When are holidays and no working days in the country ?

January 1New Year
January 26Australia Day
2 Monday in Feb.Royal Hobart RegattaTAS
1 Monday in Mar.Labour DayWA
2 Monday in Mar.2 Monday in Mar.ACT,SA,TAS,VIC
Good FridayGood Friday
Easter SaturdayEaster SaturdayACT,NSW,NT,QLD,SA,VIC
Easter SundayEaster SundayACT,NSW,VIC
Easter MondayEaster Monday
April 25ANZAC Day
1 Monday in MayLabour DayNT, QLD
1 Monday after 27 MayReconsiliation DayACT
1 Monday in JuneWestern Australia DayWA
2 Monday in JuneQueens BirthdayACT,NSW,NT,SA,TAS,VIC
1 Monday in AugustPicnic DayNT
Varibale dateRoyal Queensland ShowQLD
Varibale dateQueens BirthdayWA
Varibale dateAFL FinalVIC
1 Monday in OctoberLabour DayACT,NSW,QLD,SA
1 Tuesday in NovemberMelbourne CupVIC
December 241/2 DayNT, SA
December 25Christmas Day
December 26Boxing Day
December 311/2 DayNT, SA
The listed days are official national holidays. In Australia there are a number of non-working days or religious holidays, during which people of different faiths are excused from work:

Which are the largest cities ?

Listing of the most important and largest cities in the country

6Gold Coast614,379
9Sunshine Coast297,380

List of Airports, IATA

List of IATA airports in the country, sorted in International, Domestic and Regional airports. Use the search field if you need information about a specific airport.

AlburyYMAYABXAlbury Airport
ArmidaleYARMARMArmidale Airport
BallinaYBNABNKBallina Byron Gateway Airport
BalranaldYBRNBZDBalranald Airport
BathurstYBTHBHSBathurst Airport
BourkeYBKEBRKBourke Airport
BrewarrinaYBRWBWQBrewarrina Airport
Broken HillYBHIBHQBroken Hill Airport
CamdenYSCNCDUCamden Airport
CessnockYCNKCESCessnock Airport
CobarYCBACAZCobar Airport
Coffs HarbourYCFSCFSCoffs Harbour Airport
CollarenebriYCBRCRBCollarenebri Airport
CondobolinYCDOCBXCondobolin Airport
CoolahYCAHCLHCoolah Airport
CoomaYCOMOOMCooma – Snowy Mountains Airport
CoonabarabranYCBBCOJCoonabarabran Airport
CoonambleYCNMCNBCoonamble Airport
CootamundraYCTMCMDCootamundra Airport
CorowaYCORCWWCorowa Airport
CowraYCWRCWTCowra Airport
CudalYCUACUGCudal Airport
DeniliquinYDLQDNQDeniliquin Airport
DubboYSDUDBODubbo City Airport
Evans HeadYEVDEVHEvans Head Memorial Aerodrome
FinleyYFILFLYFinley Airport
ForbesYFBSFRBForbes Airport
Forster / Wallis IslandYFSTFOTForster – Wallis Island Airport
Glen InnesYGLIGLIGlen Innes Airport
GoulburnYGLBGULGoulburn Airport
Grafton / Clarence ValleyYGFNGFNClarence Valley Regional Airport
GriffithYGTHGFFGriffith Airport
GunnedahYGDHGUHGunnedah Airport
HayYHAYHXXHay Airport
InverellYIVLIVRInverell Airport
KempseyYKMPKPSKempsey Airport
Lake Macquarie / PelicanYLMQBEOLake Macquarie Airport (formerly Belmont Airport)
Lightning RidgeYLRDLHGLightning Ridge Airport
LismoreYLISLSYLismore Airport
Lord Howe IslandYLHILDHLord Howe Island Airport
MaitlandYMNDMTLMaitland Airport
MerimbulaYMERMIMMerimbula Airport
MoreeYMORMRZMoree Airport
MoruyaYMRYMYAMoruya Airport
MudgeeYMDGDGEMudgee Airport
Nambucca HeadsYNHSNBHNambucca Heads Airport
NarrabriYNBRNAANarrabri Airport
NarranderaYNARNRANarrandera Airport
Newcastle / WilliamtownYWLMNTLNewcastle Airport (RAAF Williamtown)
NynganYNYNNYNNyngan Airport
Orange / Spring HillYORGOAGOrange Airport
Palm Beach, SydneyLBHPalm Beach Water Airport
ParkesYPKSPKEParkes Airport
Port MacquarieYPMQPQQPort Macquarie Airport
QuirindiYQDIUIRQuirindi Airport
SconeYSCONSOScone Airport
Sydney / BankstownYSBKBWUBankstown Airport
Sydney / MascotYSSYSYDSydney Airport (Kingsford Smith Airport)
Sydney / Rose BayRSERose Bay Water Airport
TamworthYSTWTMWTamworth Airport
TareeYTRETROTaree Airport
TemoraYTEMTEMTemora Airport
TibooburraYTIBTYBTibooburra Airport
TocumwalYTOCTCWTocumwal Airport
TumutYTMUTUMTumut Airport
Wagga WaggaYSWGWGAWagga Wagga Airport (RAAF Base Wagga)
WalchaYWCHWLCWalcha Airport
WalgettYWLGWGEWalgett Airport
West WyalongYWWLWWYWest Wyalong Airport
WilcanniaYWCAWIOWilcannia Airport
Wollongong / Albion Park RailYWOLWOLIllawarra Regional Airport (Wollongong Airport)
YoungYYNGNGAYoung Airport
Alexandria StationYALXAXLAlexandria Station Airport
Alice SpringsYBASASPAlice Springs Airport
Alroy DownsAYDAlroy Downs Airport
AmmarooYAMMAMXAmmaroo Airport
Angus DownsANZAngus Downs Airport
Anthony LagoonYANLAYLAnthony Lagoon Airport
AputulaYFNEFIKFinke Airport
Austral Downs StationYAUSAWPAustral Downs Station Airport
Auvergne StationYAUVAVGAuvergne Station Airport
BaniyalaBYXBaniyala Airport
Barkly DownsYBAWBKPBarkly Downs Airport
Bathurst IslandYBTIBRTBathurst Island Airport
Belyuen ShireYDLVDLVDelissaville Airport
BorroloolaYBRLBOXBorroloola Airport
Bickerton Island / MilyakburraBCZBickerton Island Airport / Milyakburra Airport
Brunette DownsBTDBrunette Downs Airport
Camfield StationYCFDCFICamfield Station Airport
CoolibahCOBCoolibah Airport
Cresswell DownsCSDCresswell Downs Airport
Croker IslandYCKICKICroker Island Airport
DaguraguYKKGKFGKalkgurung Airport
Daly River MissionYDMNDVRDaly River Mission Airport
Daly WatersYDLWDYWDaly Waters Airport
DarwinYPDNDRWDarwin International Airport (RAAF Darwin)
Elcho IslandYELDELCElcho Island Airport
ElkedraEKDElkedra Airport
ErldundaEDDErldunda Airport
Eva DownsYEVAEVDEva Downs Airport
Gapuwiyak (Lake Evella)YLEVLELLake Evella Airport
Goulburn IslandsYGBIGBLSouth Goulburn Island Airport
The GranitesYTGTGTSThe Granites Airport
Groote Eylandt (Alyangula)YGTEGTEGroote Eylandt Airport
Nhulunbuy (East Arnhem)YDGVGOVNhulunbuy Airport
Gunbalanya (Oenpelli)YOENOPIOenpelli Airport
HenburyYHBYHRYHenbury Airport
HermannsburgYHMBHMGHermannsburg Airport
Humbert RiverYHBRHUBHumbert River Airport
InverwayYINWIVWInverway Airport
JabiruYJABJABJabiru Airport
KalkarindjiYWAVWAVWave Hill Airport
KaltukatjaraYDVRDKVDocker River Airport
Kings CanyonYKCAKBJKings Canyon Airport
Kings CreekYKCSKCSKings Creek Station Airport
KirkimbieKBBKirkimbie Airport
KulgeraKGRKulgera Airport
KurundiKRDKurundi Airport
LajamanuYHOOHOKHooker Creek Airport
Lake NashYLKNLNHLake Nash Airport
LimbunyaLIBLimbunya Airport
LissadellLLLLissadell Airport
MacDonald DownsYMDSMNWMacDonald Downs Airport
MainoruMIZMainoru Airport
ManingridaYMGDMNGManingrida Airport
Manners Creek StationYMCRMFPManners Creek Station Airport
MarquaYMQAMQEMarqua Airport
Milikapiti (Melville Island)YSNBSNBSnake Bay Airport
MilingimbiYMGBMGTMilingimbi Airport
MittiebahMIYMittiebah Airport
MoroakMRTMoroak Airport
Mount Cavenagh / GhanYMVGMKVMount Cavenagh Airport
Mount Sandford StationYMSFMTDMount Sandford Station Airport
Mount SwanYMNSMSFMount Swan Airport
Mount ValleyMNVMount Valley Airport
Mulga ParkYMUPMUPMulga Park Airport
NapperbyNPPNapperby Airport
NewryNRYNewry Airport
NgukurrYNGURPMNgukurr Airport
NhulunbuyYPGVGOVGove Airport
NumbulwarYNUMNUBNumbulwar Airport
Nutwood DownsUTDNutwood Downs Airport
PeppimenartiPEPPeppimenarti Airport
Pularumpi (Melville Island)YGPTGPNGarden Point Airport
RaminginingYRNGRAMRamingining Airport
Robinson RiverRRVRobinson River Airport
Roper BarYRRBRPBRoper Bar Airport
Roper ValleyRPVRoper Valley Airport
Smith PointYSMPSHUSmith Point Airport
Tennant CreekYTNKTCATennant Creek Airport
Timber CreekYTBRTBKTimber Creek Airport
TobermoreyYTMYTYPTobermorey Airport
Uluru / YularaYAYEAYQAyers Rock Airport (Connellan Airport)
Victoria River DownsYVRDVCDVictoria River Downs Airport
WadeyeYPKTPKTPort Keats Airfield
WollogorangYWORWLLWollogorang Airport
YuendumuYYNDYUEYuendumu Airport
AbingdonYABIABGAbingdon Downs Airport
AgnewAGWAgnew Airport
AlphaYAPHABHAlpha Airport
AramacYAMCAXCAramac Airport
ArraburyYARYAABArrabury Airport
Augustus DownsYAGDAUDAugustus Downs Airport
AurukunYAURAUUAurukun Airport
AyrYAYRAYRAyr Airport
Badu IslandYBAUBDDBadu Island Airport
BalleraYLLEBBLBallera Airport
BamagaYNPEABMNorthern Peninsula Airport (Bamaga/Injinoo Airport)
BarcaldineYBARBCIBarcaldine Airport
Batavia DownsBVWBatavia Downs Airport
BedourieYBIEBEUBedourie Airport
BetootaYBEOBTXBetoota Airport
BiloelaZBLBiloela Airport
BirdsvilleYBDVBVIBirdsville Airport
BizantBZPBizant Airport
BlackallYBCKBKQBlackall Airport
BlackwaterYBTRBLTBlackwater Airport
Bloomfield River Mission / Wujal WujalBFCBloomfield River Airport
Boigu IslandYBOIGICBoigu Island Airport
BollonYBLLBLSBollon Airport
BolwarraYBWRBCKBolwarra Airport
BouliaYBOUBQLBoulia Airport
BowenYBWNZBOBowen Airport
Brampton IslandYBPIBMPBrampton Island Airport
Brighton DownsBHTBrighton Downs Airport
BrisbaneYBBNBNEBrisbane Airport
BulimbaYBWMBIPBulimba Airport
BundabergYBUDBDBBundaberg Airport
BurketownYBKTBUCBurketown Airport
CanobieYCBECBYCanobie Airport
CairnsYBCSCNSCairns Airport
Caloundra West / Sunshine CoastYCDRCUDCaloundra Airport
CamoowealYCMWCMLCamooweal Airport
Cape FlatteryCQPCape Flattery Airport
Carpentaria DownsCFPCarpentaria Downs Airport
CharlevilleYBCVCTLCharleville Airport
Charters TowersYCHTCXTCharters Towers Airport
CherrabahCRHCherrabah Airport
ChillagoeYCGOLLGChillagoe Airport
ChinchillaYCCACCLChinchilla Airport
ClermontYCMTCMQClermont Airport
CloncurryYCCYCNJCloncurry Airport
ClunyYUNYCZYCluny Airport
Coconut IslandYCCTCNCCoconut Island Airport
CoenYCOECUQCoen Airport
CollinsvilleYCSVKCECollinsville Airport
CooindaYCOOCDACooinda Airport
CooktownYCKNCTNCooktown Airport
CroydonYCRYCDQCroydon Airport
CunnamullaYCMUCMACunnamulla Airport
DalbyYDAYDBYDalby Airport
Darnley IslandYDNINLFDarnley Island Airport
Davenport DownsYDPDDVPDavenport Downs Airport
Delta DownsYDLTDDNDelta Downs Airport
Diamantina LakesDYMDiamantina Lakes Airport
DirranbandiYDBIDRNDirranbandi Airport
DixieYDIXDXDDixie Airport
DoomadgeeYDMGDMDDoomadgee Airport
DorundaYDORDRDDorunda Airport
DorundaYDORDRDDorunda Airport
DrumduffYDDFDFPDrumduff Airport
DunbarYDBRDNBDunbar Airport
Dunk IslandYDKIDKIDunk Island Airport
DunwichSRRDunwich Airport
Durham DownsYDRHDHDDurham Downs Airport
DurrieYDRIDRRDurrie Airport
DysartYDYSDYADysart Airport
EinasleighYEINEIHEinasleigh Airport
Eloise MineYESEERQElrose Mine Airport
EmeraldYEMLEMDEmerald Airport
Fraser Island (Orchid Beach)YORCOKBOrchid Beach Airport
GamboolaYGAMGBPGamboola Airport
GeorgetownYGTNGTTGeorgetown Airport
GladstoneYGLAGLTGladstone Airport
GayndahYGAYGAHGayndah Airport
GlengyleYGLEGLGGlengyle Airport
GlenormistonYGLOGLMGlenormiston Airport
Gold Coast / CoolangattaYBCGOOLGold Coast Airport
GoondiwindiYGDIGOOGoondiwindi Airport
Great Keppel IslandYGKLGKLGreat Keppel Island Airport
GreenvaleYGNVGVPGreenvale Airport
GregoryYGDSGGDGregory Downs Airport
GympieYGYMGYPGympie Airport
Hamilton IslandYBHMHTIGreat Barrier Reef Airport (Hamilton Island Airport)
HeadinglyYHDYHIPHeadingly Airport
HeathlandsYHTLHATHeathlands Airport
HelensvaleHLVHelensvale Airport
Hervey BayYHBAHVBHervey Bay Airport
HopevaleHPEHopevale Airport
Horn IslandYHIDHIDHorn Island Airport
HughendenYHUGHGDHughenden Airport
IffleyYIFYIFFIffley Airport
InghamYIGMIGHIngham Airport
InjuneYINJINJInjune Airport
InkermanYIKMIKPInkerman Airport
InnisfailYIFLIFLInnisfail Airport
IsisfordYISFISIIsisford Airport
Julia CreekYJLCJCKJulia Creek Airport
JundahYJDAJUNJundah Airport
KalpowarYKPRKPPKalpowar Airport
Kamaran DownsKDSKamaran Downs Airport
KamileroiYKMLKMLKamileroi Airport
KarumbaYKMBKRBKarumba Airport
KingaroyYKRYKGYKingaroy Airport
KoolatahYKLAKOHKoolatah Airport
KoolburraYKLBKKPKoolburra Airport
KowanyamaYKOWKWMKowanyama Airport
Kubin (Moa Island)YKUBKUGKubin Airport
Lady Elliot IslandLYTLady Elliot Island Airport
LakefieldYLFDLFPLakefield Airport (Rinyirru Airport)
Lakeland DownsYLNDLKDLakeland Downs Airport
LauraYLRALUULaura Airport
Lawn HillYLAHLWHLawn Hill Airport
Linda DownsLLPLinda Downs Airport
Lindeman IslandYLINLDCLindeman Island Airport
Lizard IslandYLZILZRLizard Island Airport
Lockhart RiverYLHRIRGLockhart River Airport
LongreachYLRELRELongreach Airport
LorraineYLORLOALorraine Airport
Lotus Vale StationYLOVLTVLotus Vale Station Airport
Lyndhurst StationYLHSLTPLyndhurst Station Airport
Mabuiag IslandYMAAUBBMabuiag Island Airport
MackayYBMKMKYMackay Airport
MareebaYMBAMRGMareeba Airfield
Marion DownsYMWXMXDMarion Downs Airport
Marcoola / Sunshine CoastYBSUMCYSunshine Coast Airport
MaryboroughYMYBMBHMaryborough Airport
MerlunaYMEUMLVMerluna Airport
MiddlemountYMMUMMMMiddlemount Airport
MilesYMLSWLEMiles Airport
Miners LakeMRLMiners Lake Airport
MitchellYMITMTQMitchell Airport
MonkiraYMNKONRMonkira Airport
MontoYMTOMNQMonto Airport
MooraberreeYMOOOORMooraberree Airport
MoranbahYMRBMOVMoranbah Airport
Moreton / WenlockYMOTMETMoreton Airport
MorneyYMNYOXYMorney Airport
Mornington IslandYMTIONGMornington Island Airport
Mount Gordon MineYGONGPDMount Gordon Airport
Mount IsaYBMAISAMount Isa Airport
Murray IslandYMUIMYIMurray Island Airport
MusgraveYMGVMVUMusgrave Airport
MuttaburraYMTBUTBMuttaburra Airport
Nappa MerrieYNAPNMRNappa Merrie Airport
New LauraYLRSLUTNew Laura Airport
New MoonNMPNew Moon Airport
Noosaville / NoosaYNSHNSVNoosa Airport
NormantonYNTNNTNNormanton Airport
ObanOBAOban Airport
OrientosOXOOrientos Airport
Orpheus IslandORSOrpheus Island Resort Waterport
Osborne MineYOSBOSOOsborne Mine Airport
Palm IslandYPAMPMKPalm Island Airport
Phosphate HillYTMOPHQThe Monument Airport
Pormpuraaw / Edward RiverYPMPEDREdward River Airport
ProserpineYBPNPPPWhitsunday Coast Airport
QuilpieYQLPULPQuilpie Airport
RichmondYRMDRCMRichmond Airport
RobinhoodYROBROHRobinhood Airport
RockhamptonYBRKROKRockhampton Airport
RokebyRKYRokeby Airstrip (Q58018669)
RomaYROMRMARoma Airport
RoseberthRSBRoseberth Airport
Rosella PlainsRLPRosella Plains Airport
Rutland PlainsYRTPRTPRutland Plains Airport
Saibai IslandYSIISBRSaibai Island Airport
Sandringham StationSRMSandringham Station Airport
Silver PlainsSSPSilver Plains Airport
South GalwayYSGWZGLSouth Galway Airport
SouthportYSPTSHQSouthport Airport
Conjuboy, QueenslandYSPKSCGSpring Creek Airport
SpringvaleYSPVKSVSpringvale Airport
St GeorgeYSGESGOSt George Airport
St PaulsSVMSt Pauls Airport
StanthorpeYSPESNHStanthorpe Airport
Stephens IslandSTFStephens Island Airport
StrathmoreYSMRSTHStrathmore Airport
Sue IsletYWBSSYUWarraber Island Airport
TanbarTXRTanbar Airport
TangaloomaYTGATANTangalooma Airport
TaraYTAAXTRTara Airport
TaroomYTAMXTOTaroom Airport
TewantinTWNTewantin Airport
ThangoolYTNGTHGThangool Airport
ThargomindahYTGMXTGThargomindah Airport
TheodoreYTDRTDRTheodore Airport
ThylungraTYGThylungra Airport
ToowoombaYTWBTWBToowoomba City Aerodrome
ToowoombaYBWWWTBToowoomba Wellcamp Airport
TorwoodTWPTorwood Airport
TownsvilleYBTLTSVTownsville Airport (RAAF Townsville)
TrepellYTEETQPTrepell Airport
UndaraYUDAUDAUndara Airport
VanrookYVRSVNRVanrook Airport
WandovaleMFLWandovale – Mount Full Stop Airport
WarwickYWCKWAZWarwick Airport
WaverneyWANWaverney Airport
WeipaYBWPWEIWeipa Airport
WindorahYWDHWNRWindorah Airport
WintonYWTNWINWinton Airport
Whitsunday, Shute HarbourYSHRWSYWhitsunday – Shute Harbour Airport
WondaiYWNDWDIWondai Airport
WondoolaYWDLWONWondoola Airport
Wrotham ParkYWMPWPKWrotham Park Airport
Yam IslandYYMIXMYYam Island Airport
Yorke IslandYYKIOKRYorke Island Airport
AdelaideYPADADLAdelaide Airport
Alton DownsYADSAWNAlton Downs Airport
AmataYAMTAMTAmata Airport
American RiverRCNAmerican River Airport
AndamookaYAMKADOAndamooka Airport
BalcanoonaYBLCLCNBalcanoona Airport
CedunaYCDUCEDCeduna Airport
CleveYCEECVCCleve Airport
Clifton HillsCFHClifton Hills Airport
Coober PedyYCBPCPDCoober Pedy Airport
CoorabieCRJCoorabie Airport
Cordillo DownsODLCordillo Downs Airport
CowarieYCWICWRCowarie Airport
CowellYCWLCCWCowell Airport
DulkaninnaYDLKDLKDulkaninna Airport
EtadunnaYEDAETDEtadunna Airport
HawkerYHAWHWKHawker Airport
IndulkanaYIDKIDKIndulkana Airport
InnaminckaYINNINMInnamincka Airport
Kingscote, Kangaroo IslandYKSCKGCKingscote Airport
Leigh CreekYLECLGHLeigh Creek Airport
LockYLOKLOCLock Airport
MarlaYALAMRPMarla Airport
MarreeRREMarree Airport
Merty MertyYMYTRTYMerty Merty Airport
MillicentYMCTMLRMillicent Airport
MinnipaYMPAMINMinnipa Airport
MinlatonYMINXMLMinlaton Airport
MoolawatanaYMWTMWTMoolawatana Airport
MoombaYOOMMOOMoomba Airport
Mount GambierYMTGMGBMount Gambier Airport
Mount GunsonYMGNGSNMount Gunson Airport
MulkaYMUKMVKMulka Airport
MungeranieYMUGMNEMungeranie Airport
Olympic DamYOLDOLPOlympic Dam Airport
OodnadattaYOODODDOodnadatta Airport
Pandie PandieYPDIPDEPandie Pandie Airport
ParndanaPDNParndana Airport
PenneshawYPSHPEAPenneshaw Airport
PenongPEYPenong Airport
Port AugustaYPAGPUGPort Augusta Airport
Port LincolnYPLCPLOPort Lincoln Airport
Port PirieYPIRPPIPort Pirie Airport
Prominent HillYPMHPXHProminent Hill Airport
PukatjaYERNERBPukatja Airport
RenmarkYRENRMKRenmark Airport
Streaky BayYKBYKBYStreaky Bay Airport
TarcoolaTAQTarcoola Airport
WhyallaYWHAWYAWhyalla Airport
WudinnaYWUDWUDWudinna Airport
Yalata MissionYYTAKYIYalata Mission Airport
YorketownYYORORRYorketown Airport
Cape Barren IslandYCBNCBICape Barren Island Airport
DevonportYDPODPODevonport Airport
Flinders Island (Whitemark)YFLIFLSFlinders Island Airport
George TownYGTOGEEGeorge Town Aerodrome
QueenstownYQNSUEEQueenstown Airport
HobartYMHBHBAHobart International Airport
King Island (Currie)YKIIKNSKing Island Airport
LatrobeLTBLatrobe Airport
LauncestonYMLTLSTLaunceston Airport
St HelensYSTHHLSSt Helens Airport
SmithtonYSMISIOSmithton Airport
StrahanYSRNSRNStrahan Airport
Wynyard / BurnieYWYYBWTBurnie Airport (Wynyard Airport)
AraratYARAARYArarat Airport
AvalonYMAVAVVAvalon Airport
BairnsdaleYBNSBSJBairnsdale Airport
BenallaYBLABLNBenalla Airport
BendigoYBDGBXGBendigo Airport
BrightBRJBright Airport
ColacYOLAXCOColac Airport
CorryongYCRGCYGCorryong Airport
EchucaYECHECHEchuca Airport
HamiltonYHMLHLTHamilton Airport
HopetounYHPNHTUHopetoun Airport
HorshamYHSMHSMHorsham Airport
KerangYKERKRAKerang Airport
Latrobe Valley / Morwell / TraralgonYLTVTGNLatrobe Regional Airport
MallacootaYMCOXMCMallacoota Airport
MelbourneYMMLMELMelbourne Airport
Melbourne / Essendon FieldsYMENMEBEssendon Airport
Melbourne / MoorabbinYMMBMBWMoorabbin Airport
MilduraYMIAMQLMildura Airport
Mount HothamYHOTMHUMount Hotham Airport
OrbostYORBRBSOrbost Airport
OuyenYOUYOYNOuyen Airport
Porepunkah / Mount BuffaloMBFPorepunkah – Mount Buffalo Airport
PortlandYPODPTJPortland Airport
RobinvaleYROIRBCRobinvale Airport
SaleYWSLSXEWest Sale Airport
SheppartonYSHTSHTShepparton Airport
StawellYSWLSWCStawell Airport
Swan HillYSWHSWHSwan Hill Airport
WangarattaYWGTWGTWangaratta Airport
WarracknabealYWKBWKBWarracknabeal Airport
WarrnamboolYWBLWMBWarrnambool Airport
WelshpoolWHLWelshpool Airport
AlbanyYABAALHAlbany Airport
ArgyleYARGGYLArgyle Airport
BalgoYBGOBQWBalgo Hill Airport
BarimunyaYBRYBYPBarimunya Airport
Barrow IslandYBWXBWBBarrow Island Airport
Beagle BayBEEBeagle Bay Airport
Bedford DownsYBDFBDWBedford Downs Airport
Beverley SpringsYBYSBVZBeverley Springs Airport
BoolgeedaYBGDOCMBoolgeeda Airport
BroomeYBRMBMEBroome International Airport
BunburyYBUNBUYBunbury Airport
BusseltonYBLNBQBBusselton Regional Airport
CaigunaYCAGCGVCaiguna Airport
Carlton HillCRYCarlton Hill Airport
CarnarvonYCARCVQCarnarvon Airport
CherrabunCBCCherrabun Airport
Christmas Creek MineCKWChristmas Creek Mine Airport
Christmas Creek StationYCRKCXQChristmas Creek Station Airport
CollieCIECollie Airport
Coolawanyah StationYCWYCOYCoolawanyah Station Airport
CoondewannaYCWACJFCoondewanna Airport
CueYCUECUYCue Airport
Dalgaranga Gold MineYDGADGDDalgaranga Gold Mine Airport
DenhamDNMDenham Airport
DerbyYCINDCNCurtin Airport / RAAF Curtin
DerbyYDBYDRBDerby Airport
DongaraYDRADOXDongara Airport
DoonganDNGDoongan Airport
Drysdale River StationYDRDDRYDrysdale River Airport
EneabbaYEEBENBEneabba Airport
EsperanceYESPEPREsperance Airport
EuclaYECLEUCEucla Airport
ExmouthYPLMLEALearmonth Airport / RAAF Learmonth
Fitzroy CrossingYFTZFIZFitzroy Crossing Airport
Flora ValleyYFLOFVLFlora Valley Airport
ForrestYFRTFOSForrest Airport
Forrest River Mission / OombulgurriFVRForrest River Airport
Fossil DownsFSLFossil Downs Airport
Cloudbreak mineYFDFKFEFortescue Dave Forrest Airport
Gascoyne JunctionYGSCGSCGascoyne Junction Airport
GeraldtonYGELGETGeraldton Airport
GibbYGIBGBVGibb River Airport
GinbataYGIAGBWGinbata Airport
GoldsworthyGLYGoldsworthy Airport
Gordon DownsYGDNGDDGordon Downs Airport
Halls CreekYHLCHCQHalls Creek Airport
HillsideYHILHLLHillside Airport
HighburyYHHYHIGHighbury Airport
JandakotYPJTJADJandakot Airport
Jurien BayYJNBJURJurien Bay Airport
KalumburuYKALUBUKalumburu Airport
KalbarriYKBRKAXKalbarri Airport
KalgoorlieYPKGKGIKalgoorlie-Boulder Airport
KambaldaYKBLKDBKambalda Airport
KararaYKARKQRKarara Airport
Karijini National ParkYSOLSLJSolomon Airport
KarrathaYPKAKTAKarratha Airport
KatanningYKNGKNIKatanning Airport
Kimberley DownsKBDKimberley Downs Airport
KununurraYPKUKNXKununurra Airport (East Kimberley Regional Airport)
Lake GregoryLGELake Gregory Airport
LansdowneLDWLansdowne Airport
LavertonYLTNLVOLaverton Airport
LeinsterYLSTLERLeinster Airport
LeonoraYLEOLNOLeonora Airport
Mandora StationYMDIMQAMandora Station Airport
ManjimupYMJMMJPManjimup Airport
Marble BarYMBLMBBMarble Bar Airport
Margaret RiverYMGTMQZMargaret River Airport
Margaret River StationYMGRMGVMargaret River Station Airport
MeekatharraYMEKMKRMeekatharra Airport
Mindibungu / BillilunaYBILBIWBilliluna Airport
Mitchell PlateauYMIPMIHMitchell Plateau Airport
Monkey MiaYSHKMJKShark Bay Airport
MorawaYMRWMWBMorawa Airport
Mount BarnettMBNMount Barnett Airport
Mount HouseYMHOMHOMount House Airport
Mount Keith MineYMNEWMEMount Keith Airport
Mount MagnetYMOGMMGMount Magnet Airport
MullewaYMWAMXUMullewa Airport
MungalaluYTSTTTXMungalalu – Truscott Airport
Murrin MurrinYMMIWUIMurrin Murrin Airport
Myroodah StationYMYRMYOMyroodah Station Airport
NarroginYNRGNRGNarrogin Airport
NewmanYNWNZNENewman Airport
NicholsonNLSNicholson Airport
NiftyYCNFNIFNifty Airport
NoonkanbahNKBNoonkanbah Airport
NorsemanYNSMNSMNorseman Airport
NullagineYNULNLLNullagine Airport
OnslowYOLWONSOnslow Airport
Ord RiverYORVODROrd River Airport
ParaburdooYPBOPBOParaburdoo Airport
Pardoo StationYPDOPRDPardoo Station Airport
PerthYPPHPERPerth Airport
Port HedlandYPPDPHEPort Hedland International Airport
Purnululu National ParkYBEBBXFBellburn Airport
RavensthorpeYNRVRVTRavensthorpe Airport
RoebourneYROERBURoebourne Airport
Rottnest IslandYRTIRTSRottnest Island Airport
Roy Hill StationYRYHRHLRoy Hill Station Airport
SandstoneYSANNDSSandstone Airport
Shay GapYSHGSGPShay Gap Airport
Southern CrossYSCRSQCSouthern Cross Airport
Shaw RiverSWBShaw River Airport
SpringvaleZVGSpringvale Airport
Sturt CreekSSKSturt Creek Airport
Tableland HomesteadYTABTBLTableland Homestead Airport
TelferYTEFTEFTelfer Airport
Theda StationYTHDTDNTheda Station Airport
Tom PriceYTMPTPRTom Price Airport
Useless LoopYUSLUSLUseless Loop Airport
Wallal DownsYWALWLAWallal Downs Airport
Warmun (Turkey Creek)YTKY TKYTurkey Creek Airport
Warrawagine StationYWWGWRWWarrawagine Station Airport
West AngelasYANGWLPWest Angelas Airport
WilunaYWLUWUNWiluna Airport
WittenoomYWITWITWittenoom Airport
WindarraWNDWindarra Airport
Woodie WoodieYWWIWWIWoodie Woodie Airport
WyndhamYWYMWYNWyndham Airport
YalgooYYALYLGYalgoo Airport
YandicooginaYNNYandicoogina Airport
YeelirrieYYLR KYFYeelirrie Airport
Christmas IslandYPXMXCHChristmas Island Airport
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsYPCCCCKCocos (Keeling) Islands Airport
Norfolk IslandYSNFNLKNorfolk Island Airport
List of Australian IATA Airports